Choosing an Executive Office near Grand Central Station

Choosing an Executive Office near Grand Central StationChoosing an Executive Office near Grand Central Station is easy with the information and links found below. Executive Offices are custom-designed business centers (think “a hotel for doing business”) and they can provide you with an instant work-space. Lease terms are from 30 days up to one year with options for renewal. Executive Office rental rates are variable and start at approximately $950 per month for an 85 net square foot interior office (no window) with a capacity of 2- 3 persons. Many Executive Office operators now provide “all in” pricing (a flat rate that includes all monthly charges) which makes it easier to compare competitive offers. Make certain that you understand what the final monthly cost will be when evaluating Business Center pricing.

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Business Centers cater to professionals that require private fully-furnished offices or multi-person team rooms with pre-installed private telephone numbers and voice mail (VOIP is available at many locations), internet connections, access to a conference room, lounge area and administrative support when needed. At one time Business Centers were used primarily by independent consultants, small businesses and start-ups. As the need for scalable work space has evolved, Business Centers are now considered a permanent and perennially flexible work environment.  





Location: 369 Lexington Avenue (between 40th and 41st Street 41st Street). ♦ NEW! 315 Madison Avenue (aka 50 East 42nd Street). Link to Jay Suites here.  


CARRLocation: 200 Park Avenue (between 44th and 45th Street). Link to Carr Workplaces here.


emerge_212Location: 125 Park Avenue (between 41st and 42nd Street).  Link to Emerge 212 here.



Helix_WorkspaceLocation: 295 Madison Avenue (S/E/C 41st Street). ♦ 535 Fifth Avenue (N/E/C 44th Street).  Link to Helix Workspace here.



NYC_Office_SuitesLocation: 420 Lexington Avenue (between 43rd and 44th Street). ♦ 708 Third Avenue (N/W/C 44th Street). ♦ 733 Third Avenue (S/E/C 46th Street). Link to NYC Office Suites here.


PowerSpace_&_ServicesLocation: 330 Madison Avenue (between 42nd and 43rd Street).  Link to PowerSpace here.



Prime545 Fifth Avenue (S/E/C 45th Street) Link to Prime Office Centers here.  


stark_Location: 60 East 42nd Street (between Park and Madison Avenue). Link to Stark Office Suites here.




Choosing an Executive Office in the Penn Station & Fashion DistrictsLocation: 122 East 42nd Street (between Lexington and Park Avenue). Link to Virgo here.  


RegusLocation:  747 Third Avenue (between 46th and 47th Street). ♦ 750 Third Avenue (between 46th and 47th Street). ♦ 600 Third Avenue (between 39th and 40th Street). ♦ 245 Park Avenue (between 46th and 47th Street). ♦ 250 Park Avenue (between 46th and 47th Street). ♦ 230 Park Avenue (between 45th and 46th Street). ♦ 100 Park Avenue (between 40th and 41st Street). ♦ 340 Madison Avenue (between 43rd and 44th Street). ♦ 90 Park Avenue (between 39th and 40th Street). ♦ 260 Madison Avenue (between 38th and 39th Street). ♦ 405 Lexington Avenue (between 42nd and 43rd Street). Link to Regus here


Choosing an Executive Office in the Penn Station & Fashion DistrictsLocation: 275 Madison Avenue (S/E/C 40th Street). Link to Corporate Suites here.



Executive Office availability and rental rates near Grand Central Station change frequently. For a single office we recommend telephoning each center for pricing. Sometimes better rates can be obtained at the end of the month when sales quotas need to be met.

Contact Cogent Realty Advisors if your organization needs:

♦ Multiple offices

♦ Large team room(s)  

♦ A special requirement

Cogent can locate unique opportunities, negotiate discounted rents and obtain special incentive packages. (212) 509-4049.


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