Manhattan Office Rental Market, Fall 2020

Manhattan Office RentalManhattan Office Rental Market, Fall 2020 remains in limbo. The volume of leases being executed for new offices is at its lowest point since 9/11.  There is deep uncertainty about whether employees can return to work safely- even after modifications are made to transportation systems, building common areas and private work spaces. Alternatively, the long-term viability of the Work From Home (WFH) strategy remains unknown.






Costar’s Analysis of the Manhattan Office Rental Market

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Key Costar Manhattan Office Indicators:

  • Vacancy Rate: 9.4%
  • Market Rent: $58.26*  (The rental income that a property would most probably command in the open market.  This is the weighted average across all Manhattan office buildings.)
  • Deliveries: 2,165,804 SF
  • Under Construction: 23,408,262 SF

     “Stay-at-home orders issued in March followed by a cautious approach to reopening in June have largely dampened a New York City market that was fresh off two consecutive years of record leasing activity. The pandemic has caused building tours to be canceled, negotiations to be halted, and the postponement of meetings as the face-to-face nature of commercial real estate was ill-equipped to immediately handle social distancing measures.”

    “The pandemic is likely to be an accelerant of existing trends rather than a 180-degree change agent. The leasing demand for new, modernized office space has driven the market’s fundamentals over the past decade, and will likely continue as tenants who are still willing to spend the capital on relocating will pursue notably improved spaces. Short-term renewals, with a term of three to five years, will likely be the preferred option for many tenants with landlords happy to avoid the possibility of a future large vacancy during a time of weakened demand. Leasing activity has already sharply declined in 20Q2 as owners adjusted to instituting more technology in their workflow and large corporations handled the pandemic across their global office portfolio. Fundamentals will be affected further if a sharp increase in sublet space were to hit the market due to companies making the difficult decision to ditch their office space altogether by choosing financial survival over in-person collaboration.”


Back-of-the-Envelope Projections

The CRE Brokerage community is projecting Effective Rents* may be reduced 15%-20% from the peak recorded in 2019. This is consistent with the rent adjustments that occurred after 9/11. Notwithstanding, offices buildings that have a minimal amount of vacant units and a stable Tenant roster with long term lease commitments are unlikely to offer significant discounts on their rent.

*Effective Rents: The average rent paid over the term by a tenant adjusted downward for concessions paid for by the landlord (such as free rent, moving expenses, or other allowances), and upward for costs that are the responsibility of the tenant (such as operating expense pass throughs).

Office occupiers that are flexible in regards to their lease term and space design will secure the deepest rental discount with a Sublease.  Refer to our recent report Sublease Risk & Rewards in 2020.

Manhattan Office Rentals in the News




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