Moving a NY Office 

Moving a NY Office

Moving a NY Office

Moving a NY Office requires careful planning and should include the services of industry professionals along the way. The best place to begin is with an experienced NO FEE Tenant Representation Broker such as Cogent Realty Advisors. Cogent Realty will evaluate your office requirements, identify qualified spaces and negotiate the optimal lease terms for your business. Link here for our useful Office Space Calculator and here for information about office design trends. 



Moving a NY Office… Case Studies

Moving Your NY Office 99 Wall Street

Moving Your NY Office
99 Wall Street

In December of 2013, the owner of 99 Wall Street exercised a Termination Clause contained in its leases that required allTenants to vacate their offices by June 31, 2014 so that a residential conversion could begin. Cogent Realty was asked by International Distributors USA, a client that it brought to the building in 2006, to find a relocation space. Shortly thereafter, three additional businesses engaged Cogent Realty for help. This table below summarizes these relocation projects.      


Moving a NY Office from 99 Wall Street

Moving a NY Office from 99 Wall Street





MOVING a NY OFFICE… Basic Checklist

When moving a NY office a successful outcome will be achieved when you are organized and methodical.

Moving a NY Office

Moving a NY Office

1) 12 months prior to a lease termination begin an office search with Cogent Realty. 

2) Identify the two- (2) best spaces and fully negotiate the lease terms of each.

3) Make a final selection, obtain a lease, refer it to an attorney for review and execute.

4) Obtain dimensional plans of the space and verify that your current furniture will fit. When purchasing new furniture the showroom will usually provide an interior designer at no charge. 

5) Arrange for the installation of telephone and computer cabling prior to move-in. Contact your telecom provider and schedule the switch-over.

6) Hire a mover.

7) Send out notices of your relocation including the effective date. Print new stationary.

8) Moving day… best done at night or on the weekend. 

9) Once you are operating in the new space you should create a list of items (the “punch list”) that need to be repaired by the Landlord.

10) Enjoy your new work space and all of the benefits it brings!

Best Strategy for Moving a NY Office

By utilizing an experienced Tenant Representation Broker like Cogent Realty Advisors, your business will secure the optimal office space within its budget.When moving a NY office ask Cogent Realty for referrals to reliable companies providing legal, insurance, architectural, telecom, furniture and moving services. Contact Mitch Waldman today: (212) 509-4049.