NYC OFFICE RENTAL REPORT, Year-End 2019 was compiled by Cogent Realty Advisors using data provided by Costar, the Commercial Real Estate Information Company. 

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NYC Office Market Snapshot

At year-end 2019 the average quoted rent in New York City office buildings was $75.72 per square foot. This is an increase of $1.07 compared to Q3. Vacancy increased to 11.7% from the prior quarter’s 10.5%. Additional market data is found below.  

NYC Office Rental Report








Neighborhood Office Rental Analysis

The average quoted office rent and vacancy by neighborhood is found in the table below.

NYC Office Rental Report























Office Construction Projects 

Notable projects include:

The Spiral (66 Hudson Boulevard): 2,850,000 RSF. Delivers Q4 2022. 

Two Manhattan West (385 Ninth Avenue): 1,950,140 RSF. Delivers Q4 2022.

Three Hudson Boulevard (555 West 34th Street): 2,000,000 RSF.

One Vanderbilt (51 East 42nd Street): 1,730,989 RSF. Delivers Q4 2022. Link for the “Topping Out” video.  





Strategies for Reducing Office expense 

(1) Relocate for Savings: Consider moving from a high rent building to a more economical location. Many “value-priced” Class B buildings have been upgraded and now provide new lobbies, elevators, technology infrastructure as well as contemporary office spaces.

(2) Space Reduction and Redesign:  Businesses can reduce the size of their offices by modifying the design and the area occupied by each employee. Use our office space calculator to estimate your size requirement.

(3) Flex Work, Business Centers and Telecommuting: Flexible work schedules may allow two or more employees to utilize a specific work area. Some companies use hourly or daily rentals at off-site business centers for part-time staff and conferences. Where practical utilize telecommuting.

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