Office Space Calculator for Small- & Mid-Size Businesses- New York City

Office Space Calculator for Small- & Mid- Size Businesses- New York City  

Office Space Calculator

The Office Space Calculator is a useful tool that can help you estimate the size of the office that your business requires. 




How to use the Calculator

(1) The Office Space Calculator permits you to edit any of its “word” or “number” fields so that it can be customized for your business. 

(2) The field named “Circulation Area” (at the bottom of the calculator) refers to the travel corridors within a space. We suggest using the value of 15%.

(3) The field named “Core Factor” (at the bottom of the calculator) is interchangeable with the term “Loss Factor”. We suggest using the value of 28% when renting an entire floor and 32% on a multi-Tenanted floor. Note: Loss Factors vary from building to building.

Office Floor Plans

When inspecting a PRE-BUILT office you can easily determine whether the space is sufficient for your business operation. Many building owners will provide a dimensional or CAD plan that can help you plan both furniture and network installations.

Office Space Calculator

In leases where a Landlord agrees to BUILD-TO-SUIT your office, it will usually have a space designer create a Preliminary Plan (also called a Test Fit) to demonstrate that the office is adequate for your current and future needs. The Final Plan is used for construction purposes and developed by an architect. It should be made part of the lease.

When a Tenant manages the construction of its own office (usually with a cash contribution provided by the Landlord), it is important to retain an architect prior to signing the lease. In addition to creating a Test Fit and the Final Plan, the architect will investigate whether the building and space comply with New York City Building Codes. 

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