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The right office at the right price! Your office is an essential element of your business strategy and success. It is a platform for operations and should be optimally functional. A well-designed office will enhance morale and motivate productivity. And when clients visit your workspace it should project a positive corporate image.

Office leasing expenses consume a significant portion of an annual budget. Relocation-related costs (moving, furniture purchase, telecom installation, a security deposit, etc.) are also substantial. Additionally, a lease creates a long-term obligation that is not easily terminated. For these reasons, leasing decisions are of critical importance to the business.

Cogent Realty Advisors, Inc. is an independent licensed real estate broker that represents New York City business owners that lease office space. Unlike many well-known firms that simultaneously work for both building owners and Tenants (a conflict of interest), Cogent works on behalf of Tenants only.

As a Tenant-representation specialist, we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to obtain the best office for you with the most advantageous lease terms and pricing.

Tenant Representation Services


Offices, lofts, and retail spaces


Lease renewals and renegotiating lease terms


Surplus space through a sublease or assignment

Buying & Selling

Commercial Properties

The Leasing Process

  • Review space requirements, budget and relocation calendar
  • Analyze current market rents, incentives and space availability
  • Conduct in-depth research and locate suitable properties
  • Schedule inspection tours with key personnel
  • Identify target property
  • Negotiate the lease

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